Autism Recovery Using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy – Our Experience Part 2 – A Miracle of Sorts

Autism Recovery Using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy – Our Experience Part 2 – A Miracle of Sorts
0 3 November 2015

We were on Christmas break from school, so we thought we’d take advantage of this time and get the kids back up to The Grass Valley Wellness Center for another Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) session. This was Tuesday, December 28th, and this time the plan was to have our second daughter Sophia go as well. It was to be Sophia’s first treatment and Danielle’s second. The results of Danielle’s first session were so astonishingly good that we just couldn’t wait to see how Sophia would respond.

Danielle’s incredible change in mood and behavior (for the good) lasted about 4 days before she began to show signs of frustration and defiance over small things. But I was not discouraged in the least. I’m well acquainted with the nature of the healing process by now, and I understand that long-term results come with an accumulation of the right kinds of treatments. We were convinced that we were on to something special with this HBOT. And once you strike a vein of gold you just need to keep on following it all the way.

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Danielle was quite upset when I explained that she would be going back for another treatment. We waited to tell her until Tuesday when we picked her and Sophia up from a sleepover. She asked what we’d be doing that day, and when she heard the answer she was hardly fit to be around. She yelled and argued about it for the next hour and a half, before having to depart for Grass Valley. When it got down to it, she was able to explain that she didn’t like the feeling it produced in her ears (the frequent adjustment of pressure).

Once my dad (and my mom went this time as well) arrived at the Wellness Center with Danielle and Sophia, it was time to get them into the tank. The plan was to have Sophia go inside with Danielle this time, along with their pillows, blankets, and toys. Sophia began to weep and become very anxious about it, to the point that my dad didn’t have the heart to force her inside in front of the therapist. (If it had been only family around we all might have made her go in, knowing it would not have harmed her.) Oh well, at least she’d been exposed to the situation and next time would be better prepared. On the other hand, Dad was surprised to watch Danielle go right into the tank without a single protest. He got in with her and as soon as the machine was turned on, she fell fast asleep (thanks to the late night at the sleepover, no doubt).


There was an IMMEDIATE change in Danielle’s behavior and mood on the hour-long trip home. My mom explained that her attitude and behavior was so negative on the drive up to the center that they kept going only because they knew the prize that was ahead once they reached the destination and accomplished the mission. Now, here is the scene that made my jaw drop this time. I walked into Danielle’s room that evening and “caught her” SORTING HER SILLY BANDS BY COLOR. I have never seen her sort anything in her entire life (she’s 10). I used to take all the developmental milestones for granted when my kids were babies, but when you have a child who develops at quite a different pace you begin to take note when various milestones are finally met. When she was younger I actually gave up trying to work with her on things like sorting colors because she just seemed not to “get it” and became frustrated with the activity. There were bigger fish to fry anyway…like potty training, making requests, tolerating minute changes in routine, etc.

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I was so excited about this sorting activity that I even had to take a picture of it. To me, it’s a sign that something is going on in her neurological pathways.

Again, had no abnormal or irrational conflicts for several days following the 2nd treatment. It was a JOY! I can say without hesitation that it was the very best Christmas holiday we had ever shared with our kids to date. Free of stress and conflict and anxiety. I give all thanks to God and my parents for such a precious gift and significant personal discovery.

Source by Christa Proctor

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