Before Treatment Begins

Before every HBOT Treatment, patients are required to:

  • Shower before treatment
  • Wear cotton clothing
  • Take off watches, hearing aids, jewelry, etc
  • DO NOT APPLY lotions, hairsprays, deodorants, etc. to skin
  • DO NOT SMOKE while undergoing HBOT sessions

FIRE RISK:  The reason you have to take the precaution of taking a shower prior to treatment and not using hair sprays, deodorants, lotions, perfumes or other fragrances before getting into the Hyperbaric Chamber is to prevent any risk of fire in a 100% oxygen atmosphere.  The above items are usually made of flammable materials.  In addition, it is important to wear cotton clothing.  Cotton pajamas and socks work well.  One should also not take into the chamber electronic items or items which could spark or start a fire.

Historically in the past, in Italy, a child was given a cap pistol with caps to play within the chamber which caused a fire.  In the past, in Japan, a similar disaster occurred when a patient brought a hand warmer with burning charcoal into the chamber.

Our chambers are specially designed to minimize that risk.  Unlike many older chambers, ours have 21% room air in the chamber.  The only 100% oxygen is under the face mask or in the helmet depending on which is used.  This vastly dimishes risk of fire.  To date there have been no fires in this type of chamber.