Hyperbaric Chamber Explosion in Florida – Clinic Doors Re-Open!

Hyperbaric Chamber Explosion in Florida – Clinic Doors Re-Open!
0 22 September 2015

Hyperbaric Oxygen has made some news in Florida, USA, with a clinic that reopened their doors after two people died in an explosion. The Hyperbaric Chamber Explosion has caused a major search on the internet as to usage of equipment supplying life’s most powerful and also versatile therapy. This tragedy has put the light once more on this lifesaving treatment that is to alter the way we seek healing in our future….

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is among the most fascinating recovery treatments used by people and animals today. It works very effectively at a cellular level, with the most essential of all life elements: Oxygen. Oxygen in the body will also result in increased fat burning and endurance, and less lactic acid production this combination means better performance, faster recovery and feeling better after training sessions. Viruses are unable to survive in the presence of abundant oxygen. Oxygen Therapy has scientifically validated the indisputable bactericidal, fungicidal and viricidal properties. Oxygen is the most abundant element on earth, and is our most vital and important food. With oxygenation, the blood will carry larger amounts of oxygen and bring this oxygen to organs and tissues. With more oxygen, infected wounds can heal more quickly. The result is dramatic benefits for stroke, traumatic head and spinal cord injuries, diabetic ulcers, slow-healing wounds, burns, autism, and a broad range of other conditions.

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Early research indicates Oxygen Therapy benefits patients with Infectious diseases, Immune disorders, strokes and even heart attacks, pulmonary diseases and blood and lymph node cancers. Signs and symptoms caused by radiation burns from cancer treatment have also shown amazing healing rates. For the past 30 years, an England charity has made more than 1.5 million HBO treatments available for MS sufferers in 100 MS dedicated centres. All of the benefits provided by hyperbaric oxygen therapy are the result of extra oxygen being carried within the bloodstream. There is really no benefit from the oxygen in the chamber that is in direct contact with wounds. This is the reason why dressings are normally left in place during the treatment every year, chronic wounds caused by diabetes, poor circulation and other conditions, treated with Oxygen Therapy, will help keep up to five million Americans to enjoy a quality life

Did you know that Oxygen Therapy is also available in a capsule form and can be taken orally? Plenty of water needs to be taken with the capsules because it causes a chemical reaction those forces Oxygen into the bloodstream. The product can be taken to maintain good health, and the dosage will increase with serious conditions where healing is needed.. This formulation is available with medicinal plants added such as Cancer Bush and the Sutherlandia plant which was extensively researched by the Universities of Stellenbosch and Cape Town respectively. Oxygen Therapy is an old technology with a new beginning, especially in the field of alternative health medicine. It is a natural alternative that brings new life to everyone It is utterly sad that there was a loss of life using this equipment, but many billions of lives have been sustained and will still be sustained because of our life-giving Oxygen.

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