Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers May Be the Answer to Head Injuries

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers May Be the Answer to Head Injuries
0 15 September 2015

Head injury is a trauma to the head and may, or may not, include injury to the brain. However, it may get confusing as the terms “brain injury” and “head injury” do get to be used interchangeably in medical literature.

The common causes of head injury are home and occupational accidents, traffic accidents, falls and assaults. In children, bicycle accidents are a common cause of head injury-related disability and sometimes, even death.

Currently, there are about three hundred incidences of head injury in one hundred thousand injuries every year. The mortality rate as of the moment rates to twenty-five for every one hundred thousand in North America alone. It is also named as one of the more common causes of childhood hospitalization.

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Head injury can include both injuries to the brain and other parts of the head such as the scalp and the skull. It can be characterized as either opened or closed.

Whatever it may be, head injury can now be cured through hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatments (HBOT). According to Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, a branch of the US Department of Health and Human Services, HBOT might effectively reduce deaths related to brain injury. The findings also shows that HBOT may shorten the duration of coma in patients who have undergone severe brain injury.

Since oxygen is a valuable component in the body’s natural healing process, precursors of the treatment posit that HBOT’s combination of increase in atmospheric pressure and the release of 100% pure oxygen into the blood will result in a faster and more effective dissolution of oxygen into the cells. Damaged muscles, which have been receiving less amounts of blood, would now be receiving more. And thus, fast healing occurs.

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Since this treatment process is so promising, most high-risk jobs, such as the Air Force, are researching and discovering the hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment.

Source by Paul S Fitzgerald

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