Hyperbaric Therapy: Bringing Down The Wall Of Neurological Disorder

Hyperbaric Therapy: Bringing Down The Wall Of Neurological Disorder
0 25 August 2015

Recently medical scientists have approved hyperbaric therapy to be beneficial to patients with neurological disorder. Patients with neurological disease have promising progress in developing neurological function and cognitive performance through this therapy.

This therapy is all about helping patients in developing social understanding through behavioral training sessions and curing their damaged tissues by using hyperbaric chamber. This chamber is made of metal and is attached to a control panel. We can increase or decrease air pressure inside a hyperbaric chamber. High air pressure forces more oxygen into blood stream than normal. This pure oxygen leads blood cells to damaged tissues and heals wounds. The healing process of the patients is followed step by step.

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• Patients get inside the chamber with an expert.

• Patients are seated and distributed breathing mask to breathe from.

• The expert switches on the machine that increases air pressure.

• Patients feel a slight ‘popping’ in their ears. This is very normal and known to be as high altitude syndrome.

• When the air pressure rises to potential level, the expert holds it down.

• Patients receive pure oxygen through their breathing mask. The healing begins.

• As the therapy reaches its time limit, the expert decreases the air pressure.

• With decreasing air pressure, the ‘popping’ feeling returns for a short period of time, then disappears.

• After the air pressure is returned to normal level, expert takes back the masks and safely helps the patients to get out of the chamber.

Research shows that, neurologically damaged patients who are treated with this therapy, have shown less irritation towards learning and were found more responsive when spoken to or made eye contact with. Usually, autism patients show high sensitivity to noise but after 40 hours of hyperbaric therapy, their noise sensitivity reduced to normal. These patients also have shown promising progress toward behavioral enhancement.

The best thing about this treatment is it can be of use to people without neurological diseases too. With its healing method, it has proved to be quite helpful in curing wounds and infection by accelerating immunity system. Let’s not forget about our desire of staying beautiful forever. We spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to look good and healthy. But, this therapy presents more satisfying results at an affordable price. So, apparently, its wiser to choose proven medical therapy than trusting on cosmetics that may bring forth terrible consequences.

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So, no need to suffer from any neurologic disorder or wounds anymore. Hyperbaric chamber has already reached the clinic near you, to get rid of the diseases and restore your health.

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