Introduction to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Introduction to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
0 7 June 2013

In Manteca, we are near Sea Level. Our Barametric pressure is 1 atmosphere of pressure. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is receiving oxygen in a pressure chamber at more than 1 atmosphere of pressure. As the pressure increases, the oxygen dissolved in blood plasma increase dramatically. This is oxygen that can be used by the body without having to be attached to a Hemoglobin molecule in a red blood cell. This means that in areas of narrowed vessels, the affected area of tissue can receive oxygenation from the oxygen dissolved in the plasma (non cell fluid). For some tissue previously not getting enough oxygen to function, the dissolved oxygen which can diffuse into adjacent tissue permits a return of function.

Some Therapeutic Uses of HBOT

  • Diabetic Foot Ulcers
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (Auto Accidents, Falls etc.)
  • Neurological Issues: Old Stroke, Cerebral Palsy (A form of TBI)
  • Autism (Many Autism Patients improve with treatment)
  • Muscle, ligament, tendon and joint injuries to accelerate healing
  • Peripheral Vascular Disease (while awaiting Angioplasty or Surgery)
  • Poor Tissue Oxygenation
  • Post Operative uses (speeds healing / decrease inflammatory response)
  • Carbon Monoxide Posioning
  • Diving Decompression Illness
  • Unusual / Hopeless medical conditions (anecdotal case evidence suggest HBOT has been useful)

DISCLAIMER: Some of the applications of HBOT listed above have a consesus of possible benefit. Other applicatons are somewhat controversal. Worldwide the above listed uses have been reported by to be of benefit at times. In general, when no other treatment has worked or is available, HBOT may be a worthwhile consideration.

Meet Dr. Larson
Our Hyperbaric facility is staffed by Melford A Larson MD, Board Certified in Internal Medicine. He and his team have completed special training in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Our facility has been in operation since June 2007. Dr. Larson continues his office practice in Internal Medicine and retains an active interest in complex cases.

Getting Started

Your physician can refer you or you can make your own appointment. Before treatment, your health will be evaluated by Dr. Larson to make certain that your condition will permit Hyperbaric Treatments. An assessment of probable benefits will be determined. Medicare coverage maybe available for some problems as Diabetic Foot or Ankle Non-Healing Wounds or radiation induced bone damage. Most other treatable conditions may not be covered by insurance. Our fees are very reasonable.

Patients receiving Hyperbaric treatments are required to shower/bath before each treatment. Lotions, sprays, oils, makeup, deodorants or hair dressings should NOT be applied, as these topical preparations may have flammable components. Wear cotton clothing.

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