Reasons Why You Need Oxygen Therapy

Reasons Why You Need Oxygen Therapy
0 29 September 2015

The amount of oxygen therapy that you need can be dependent on your specific condition. There are people who need to undergo this procedure for some period of time. There are even those who can be okay with one or two sessions. You will need to consult your physician to determine how much oxygen therapy is essential for your condition.

You first have to find out if you are a candidate for oxygen therapy. It is also important for you to determine if there is an immediate need for you to receive this therapy. There are several conditions that require oxygen therapy. Here are some of those conditions:

Lung diseases are common these days. They can be related to a minor lung infection or they can be major lung tumors. As your lungs are involved in breathing, you need to pay attention to their oxygenation needs. There are several things that can damage your lungs. Scarring may occur due to infectious processes or they may be a result of toxic chemicals that are inhaled. When the lungs are injured, oxygen intake and distribution can be greatly affected. Oxygen therapy helps the body compensate with whatever it lacks.

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Damages in the airway can be life threatening. They can also keep a person from having a normal life. In order to resume normal functioning and allow a person to perform physical activities, oxygen therapy may be used. Studies have shown an increase in tolerance to physical activities when a person has been exposed to oxygen therapy.

Cases of poisoning can likewise require oxygen. Several poisons have to be released from the body. When this needs to happen, oxygen will be needed in order to replace the poisonous substances or gasses that are present inside an individual. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a very common condition which oxygen therapy will be necessary.

Diabetic patients who have complications can also undergo this therapeutic measure. Diabetic foot complications can have gangrenous parts that lack adequate oxygenation. The affected body part can get a lot of benefits when oxygen is administered. Victims of frostbites can suffer from the same gangrenous body parts. The affected area can be limited when oxygen is given as soon as possible.

There are several ways by which you can receive oxygen. Those who are admitted in a hospital and require immediate oxygenation can be given oxygen through a nasal cannula or a face mask. Different levels of oxygen can be delivered. The level can be dependent on the amount of oxygen a person requires for his or her specific condition. Some individuals who do not immediately require oxygen can undergo hyperbaric oxygen therapies. These are usually elective measures that people can take when they want to.

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At some instances like wound healing, simple oxygenation measures can help. If you want your open wounds to heal as quickly as possible, you have to expose your wounds to open air for some time. It is not advisable for anyone to constrict the wounds inside dressings and bandages. They can heal better if the tissues are given enough oxygen.

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